About Us

Play A Chord and the world listens!

Music has been a part of my life, forever. It is all around us and has been a major part of many events. Remember "your song?" The song you danced to at your wedding? The favorite piece of music that your child played? Music that you want to create and share? Or the songs you love to sing along with.

Music is the thread that keeps our world together.

It sooths the soul and I wanted to share the opportunity for people to experience the feeling, that creating music offers. There is no thrill bigger than to have others appreciate your talent and efforts on whatever instrument you use, including your singing voice.

Play A Chord was created to offer you the opportunity to discover what will make your heart sing. Are you a pianist looking for a new keyboard? Are you a new guitarist looking for a new instrument? Want to learn how to improve your abilities? This shop has a nice selection of instruments, accessories, apparel, courses, and a lot of fun stuff things that bring more music into your life!!

Music is pure emotion. Isn't it important to have the right tools that will offer the emotions that you create with your music? Music is a gift we give to the world and to ourselves and I hope you find the perfect instrument to make those dreams reality.

I am constantly looking for ways to make this shop a better experience and welcome your feedback and requests. My goal is to have you Play A Chord and let the world hear your song.

In tune with you,


Play A Chord
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